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Aries Horoscope

Weekly 17-11-2019 - 23-11-2019

During this phase, your energy levels and passion may be high. You might be motivated to act and have the courage to face any situation with confidence. Finances may be right, and you might receive some gains from your wife or in-laws. You are likely to be happy at home and enjoy domestic peace. There are chances that you might be relaxed and may want to spend more time at home. Towards the weekend, you might get an opportunity to enjoy some great times with those you love and cherish. Singles are also likely to meet someone mesmerising. If you have children, then they are more than likely to make you proud with their achievements. On the whole, during this phase, you may prefer to work from behind the scenes and avoid the exposure. For salaried individuals, this week will prove to be moderate. Things are likely to be steady in your professional life and career.

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